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Terms and services

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We send e-tickets in your sms if a bus time is enabled for online access. Company can cancel and alter bus departure time and even drop departure time in case of any emergency, breakdown or cause of any law and order situation.

Kainat Travels won't charge any fee in case of cancellation of booking before 24 hours of departure time.

Online booked seats will not be refunded. Can only be shifted 1 time on passengers request from one date to another date but passenger is liable to inform company at least 12 hours before departure.

Refund Policy for tickets bought from counter

  • Tickets can be cancelled 24 hours before departure with 0% cancellation charges.
  • Tickets can be cancelled 12 hours before departure with 10%cancellation charges.
  • Tickets can be cancelled 06 hours before departure with 30%cancellation charges.
  • Tickets can be cancelled 03 hours before departure with 50%cancellation charges.
  • Tickets cannot be canceled and refunded after departure time of bus.

Permitted use

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App Privacy Policy

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