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About Kainat Travels


    Our story

      Kainat Travels is one of the leading Travel agency in Pakistan where you feel the comfort for your long heartening journey. Kainat Travels providing their services since 1995 within a much flexiable rates comparitively other traveling services. 

    Kainat Travels is the name of trust. The organization is now being one of the finest, profitably growing travel service for extensive journey. It's probably the faith of the passengers who traveled and their belief on this organization which made the agency probable to hold their niche successfully. 

    Kainat Travels offers its services to their valuable passengers with ease in booking their choice of seats. For an award winning service, we focused on the qualitative vehicles for their passengers distanced trip. We are pleased to share that we are careful organization for passengers to help them in any complication while they are happy to start their journey with us. Kainat Travels provides the comfortness in their cost effective priced tickets. We are happy to deliver one of the finest service where passengers trust to travel. Kainat Travels offers the economic and executive class categorically. The Excutive class differs from the economic in terms of refreshment of two times from the agency. 


    Why Choose Kainat 


    Travels Versatile Service:

     Kainat Travels offers the most flexible environement for their valued passengers. The passenger is not limited to a fixed schedule to interact their journey when you are ready. We offer four times in a day for our valued passengers. 



    Kainat Travels provide the most safe atmosphere throughout the journey. The most secure, refreshing and caring trip. 



     Kainat Travels offers one of the affordable tickets to their passengers comparatively others. 



    Kainat Travels provides entertainment in their buses by surfing their time on internet or playing games or watch different movies during their journey. 


    Our Mission

    Kainat Travels aimed to make a glory with their clients/passengers as they travelled with us to stick in with integrity for their memorable trip. 


    Need help booking? 

    Call our customer services team on the number below to speak to one of our advisors who will help you with all of your needs.